Fox Fur Nebula

Fox Fur Nebula

Fox Fur Nebula
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Type Diffuse + Dark
Distance 2,700 ly
Constellation Monoceros
Physical characteristics
Other designations NGC 2264, Sh2-273
See also: Diffuse nebula, Lists of nebulae

Fox Fur Nebula is a Nebula located in Monoceros and included in the NGC 2264 Region. In the Sharpless catalog it is number 273.


This enigmatic formation of gas and dust lies in the constellation of Monoceros (the Unicorn) not far off the right arm of Orion. This is a close-up of a small section of a much larger complex, generally known as the Christmas Tree cluster. The mysterious Cone Nebula is also a part of this same cloud.

The red regions of this nebula are caused by hydrogen gas that has been stimulated to emit its own light by the copious ultraviolet radiation coming from the hot, blue stars of the cluster. The blue areas shine by a different process: they are mainly dust clouds that reflect the bluish light of the same stars.

Its popular name arises because the nebula looks like the head of a stole made from the fur of a red fox.

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